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Academic Writing in Vienna

Are you working on your term paper, thesis or dissertation? Not sure how to limit your topic, develop an argument or structure your writing? Do you need advice on how to conduct research or work with sources? Have you been told that your text lacks a coherent argument or that your writing does not ‘flow’? Are you curious about strategies to overcome procrastination and writer’s block? Not sure what academic writing is all about?

Writing an academic text in English—be it a short paper or a long dissertation—can be a daunting task whether your first language is English or another language. If the prospect of writing makes you feel stuck, lost or overwhelmed, or you simply have a lot of questions about producing an academic text, there is no need to panic—rather than signs of failure, both insecurity and inquiry are part and parcel of the writing process. Thankfully, you are not alone with your feelings, and more importantly, there are answers (usually more than one!) to your questions.

Academic Writing Courses

The courses at Academic English Vienna are designed for PhD, MA and BA students who wish to develop their skills in academic writing and critical thinking. Our workshops will allow you to reflect on the writing process, understand the requirements of academic writing, and provide you with plenty of hands-on advice and feedback. We will not only ensure that your work meets the required standards, but show you that academic writing—often considered to be boring or dry—can actually be engaging, thought-provoking and even fun.

Our courses are primarily aimed at students who study and write in English. However, they are also relevant for students who study in a different language, but might at some point face the task of writing in English. All of our classes take place in the centre of Vienna with a small number of participants (max. 6 people) to ensure an interactive and personalised learning experience. The courses are conducted by an experienced instructor. Native speakers of English as well as non-native speakers (with an active command of advanced language skills) are welcome.

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