About Me

Dr. Judit Minczinger

I have spent the last fifteen years in higher education, first as a Bachelor's and Master's student of English, and later as a doctoral student and lecturer of English literary and cultural studies. During those years I have got to know numerous students and researchers, each with their own approach to writing. Beyond doubt, I have learnt a great deal by observing what my colleagues, friends and students find the most enjoyable or frustrating about the writing process.

I have taught undergraduate and graduate seminars and lectures on various topics, ranging from nineteenth-century literature and theories of gender to cultural studies and representations of urban space. As a lecturer I guided students through the writing process and helped them communicate their ideas by writing thoughtful and persuasive texts. It was always a pleasure to witness students develop an idea into an essay or research paper, or possibly even a thesis. I have learnt that there is a real need, both among students and academics who grade their writing, for courses that not only develop students' writing skills, but demonstrate that the practice of writing can be a medium for discovery and exploration, rather than a chore to get out of the way.

During these years, it was not only by observing and guiding others that I learnt about the process of writing. I have obviously written numerous texts myself, from short abstracts and essays to longer research papers and journal articles, and finally a doctoral dissertation. My own writing experience was far from seamless. Like most academics, I faced a variety of difficulties, including writer's block, procrastination and caffeine-induced sleepless nights before submitting a paper. Yet it is precisely because I am familiar with such obstacles and pitfalls that I can address students' struggles and frustrations with confidence.

In 2017 I moved to Vienna and founded Academic English Vienna in order to offer support to and share my knowledge with students in this city. Striving for a friendly yet professional atmosphere, in which students feel comfortable and stimulated, is a crucial aspect of my teaching practice. I prefer working with small groups and encouraging active participation through discussions and group work. While there are a lot of online resources and even online courses on academic writing, they cannot, in my opinion, replace the personal approach and intensive collaboration that face-to-face meetings provide.

If you are a BA, MA or PhD student in Vienna and are seeking an opportunity to develop your writing skills, I believe that you can greatly benefit from one of my courses. Please take a look at the course descriptions and feel free to get in touch with me.

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