One-on-one sessions

One-on-one collaboration

I help doctoral researches and early career academics from a range of disciplines to take control of their writing and answer any questions they have about the writing process.

The advantages of one-on-one sessions include:

  • flexible schedule and pacing
  • a focus on topics that are entirely tailored to your needs
  • feedback on the piece you are currently working on or suggestions for the text you are planning to write in the future
  • discussion of recurring issues and tips on how to diagnose and address problems in your writing

Typically, we would meet for a number of sessions that last 60 minutes in person or online. If you are working on a smaller project, 3 or 4 such sessions can already be beneficial, but a long-term collaboration is also possible.

Depending on your needs, I offer two types of collaboration:

Project-specific collaboration

This option is suitable if you are working on a particular text, such as a dissertation chapter, research article, conference paper, proposal, abstract, or any other academic text.

  • In the early stages I can help you brainstorm and develop your idea, clarify your argument, think about structure, become aware of requirements specific to the genre and audience, consider ways of incorporating research, develop a voice and personal writing style, or bear in mind paragraph development.
  • In the later stages, i.e. once you have a rough and early draft, I offer feedback and make suggestions to improve your text so that you can move towards a strong final version.
  • We can start the collaboration at any point – if you have not started writing yet, completed your first draft, or are stuck in the middle.

If you are interested in this service, it is important to keep in mind:

  • I offer help with and feedback on your writing-in-progress. I do not write the text for you.
  • We only focus on lower order concerns (grammar and mechanics, word-level mistakes, citation style etc.) once you have produced a strong draft. The priority is to focus on issues listed above (argument, structure, context, genre, voice, research etc.)
  • This is not a proofreading service; I do not proofread your final draft (unless agreed upon otherwise).

Topic-based collaboration

The focus is not on a text you are working on, but a specific topic of interest. Examples include:

  • Dealing with large-scale projects (such as the PhD) and approaching the writing process
  • Fighting procrastination and writer’s block
  • Conducting, managing and writing about research
  • Asking for, dealing with and responding to feedback
  • Navigating the academic context and institutional requirements

Doing a PhD entails so much more than the written ‘product’, so it is also possible to start a collaboration if you have questions that go beyond a particular text. If you’re interested in this option, get in touch – whether you have specific concerns, or are simply feeling clueless and lost.

Basic principles

  • I do not offer what is often referred to as ‘coaching’ – I am more interested in a ‘collaboration’ (a two-way process since I learn from you at the same time as you learn from me).
  • You’re not my ‘client’ – but another human being who needs support or advice.
  • I do not write a text for you – but help you produce better texts with more confidence and enthusiasm.

Get in touch

Contact me (no details are necessary at this point) and I will get back to you to discuss the next steps.


Prices for this service depend on the type of project or questions, the scope and duration of the collaboration, as well as the length of the text you would need help with.
Get in touch to discuss the details. Prices are always agreed upon in advance.