Judit is an inspirational lecturer. She is dedicated to imparting and sharing her knowledge with the students attending her classes. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her presentation of the course material innovative and engaging. She encourages and successfully motivates her students to debate and broaden the boundaries of their horizons. Her respectful approach and commitment to her students' education is demonstrated by her ongoing support throughout their studies. I greatly appreciate and value the opportunity of having attended several of her classes in recent years.

Mary-Louise St.Aubyn-Detterer, Freie Universität Berlin

I had the great pleasure to take part in Judit's introduction to cultural studies, held as a lecture at the English department at the Freie Universität Berlin. Over the span of one semester, she introduced and covered the subject’s modern canon in a very satisfying fashion, giving and presenting the students, amongst others myself, the best imaginable material for composing papers and working on the topic. Apart from that, the lecture was definitely the academic highlight of the winter semester 2015/2016.

Henrik Kobold, Freie Universität Berlin

I absolutely loved Judit’s classes at Freie University Berlin! She always broke down the complex theories into simpler ones and combined them with many vivid examples. It helped me understand the new knowledge quickly. More than that, her classes were well-structured and presented. She ensured that the material was well understood by everyone by effectively facilitating the discussion during seminars. Judit is no doubt one of best lecturers I have ever known.

Cheng Pratap, Freie Universität Berlin

I partook in one of Judit's classes on 19th Century Visuality and in one of her cultural studies lectures. I was struck in both of these by her well-structured approach to the teaching of these subjects; the good motivating atmosphere; and by her own joyous interest and knowledge in the field. It is always a pleasure to be taught by someone who truly burns for the subject and burns to share this fascination.

Fionn, Freie Universität Berlin

Inspired and inspiring. Dr. Minczinger really knows how to enthuse you with a universe of profound knowledge. She is definitely among of the great minds I was lucky to meet – as a teacher as well as a scholar.
Her courses were a definite highlight of my studies.

Volker Schneider, Freie Universität Berlin

What makes Judit a great teacher is not only her broad knowledge and clear, structured approach to her courses, it is her ability to understand what a person is interested in and help them put it into a wider frame of context.

Franziska Gänsler, Freie Universität Berlin

I had a course with Judit Minczinger during my BA studies in English Literature at the Freie University Berlin. She provided us students with carefully chosen background reading which formed the basis for class discussions. I enjoyed Judit’s class because she has an in-depth knowledge of English literature and critical theory. She is a distinctly critical scholar who provides her own original insights, something she strongly encourages her students to do as well: be it in class discussions, group presentations or written assignments. Judit is very versatile in her teaching practices and tailors her classes to the academic and linguistic needs of her students. I liked her class very much and profited from it immensely!

Aleksandra Ivanova, Freie Universität Berlin

Judit was my very first teacher in English literature at the Freie Universität Berlin. She was always well organized and well prepared to give her best in class. And that is what she demanded from us, her students, as well. I felt challenged with some tasks, but the better I overcame them, the more motivated I was to keep up. All of this she did not only because she wanted to give us the knowledge that every literature student should gain, but because she knew the huge exam we would need to pass after sixteen weeks of the first semester. I thank her for making my first semester of my second degree an experience that I will never forget.

Itziar Lopez, Freie Universität Berlin